Non Functional Requirements for a website…

An exhaustive checklist of non functional requirements that should to be considered when building a website or web application :

  • Acceptable – Verified as meeting the stated objectives
  • Accessible – Accessible from different devices
  • Archive and Retention – Old, out of date or redundant data.
  • Auditable – Activity logs and records
  • Availability – 24 x 7 x 365. Service level agreements
  • Secured and Restoreable – System and data backups. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Capacity and scalability – Data, processing and concurrent user capacities. Current and future. Web hosting web services.
  • Certified – Web standard certifications, security and compliance certificates.
  • Verifiable – System and process controls. How will you know if it is working or not
  • Dependable – Key dependencies including third parties
  • Deployable – Installation effort and prerequisites
  • Documented – Level of required documentation
  • Emotional factors – Fun, absorbing, reassuring.
  • Exploitable – Can the system or data provide additional benefits other than those explicitly stated
  • Maintainability – Configuration and content management. Data loading
  • Modifiable & Extensible – Ease and cost to make ongoing changes
  • Open – APIs, system integration and interfaces. E.g. social media
  • Responsive / Performance – Response times. Speed of page loads and calculations
  • Quality – Identification and rectification of faults
  • Reliable – Consistent and dependable quality of service
  • Reportable – Catering for different reporting requirements
  • Resourced – Internal and external human resources
  • Safe – Are there any associated safety risks
  • Secure – Online assets need to be protected
  • Supportable – Support arrangements including third parties
  • Testable – How to test
  • Useable – Easy to use by target users. Both humans and web crawlers

Source Linkedin : Web Project Manager Group

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